Afraid of contracts

A new era of compliance is being developed with 360c. No need to be afraid of heavy contracts or sign them without reading. We are creating the new contract collaboration tool that will change the way we interact with Contracts.

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Contracts are not meant to be created formal and harsh words, or Low Level Legal vocabulary that confuses you, instead they are made to be Eloquent.

We provide both parties or multiple parties a platform to collaborate and create a contract that is mutually exclusive and not the repetitive hard to understand terminologies. We take Contracts seriously and you should too.


We have a large and helping community. Just ask whenever you get stuck in the terms or meanings of any line in the Contract.

Our ready to help community will provide you needed insights and within clicks you can get a lawyer onto your team and collaborate with him as well. So all you have to do is ASK


We have an experienced team working behind the scenes every hour of the day to provide you with the best in class application to manage your contracts. 

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